The worst dressed Oscars 2014

7:08 PM

Whoopi Goldberg, do I really have to explain?

This year it was not so difficult to find the worst dressed actresses. Without any doubt Whoopi Goldberg and Liza Minelli won the competition. Although competitors were strong...

Este año encontrar a las peor vestidas fue muy fácil, sin ninguna duda Whoopi Goldberg y Liza Minelli ganaron la competencia. Pero no faltaron otras....

W tym roku wybor najgorzej ubranych byl bardzo prosty Whoopi Goldberg i Liza Minelli wygraly te kategorie. Choc nie zabraklo kompetencji....

 Liza Minelly, no comment!

Sally Hawkins, this dress covers too much and is too big

Julie Delpy, I don't like these bat sleeves

Simply too much and too heavy

 Anna Kendrick, pretty back but I hate the front of this dress

 Glenn Close, this dress covers too much and is too dark

 Ireland Baldwin, I really hate this dress

 Kerry Washington, awful colour and cut. 
I loved better Olive Wilde pregnant choice.

 Meryl Streep, simply no

 Tara Lipinski, for me it's to bride style and I really hate the textil.

Source: Getty Images

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9 comentarios

  1. Yup..some of them are really bad :)

  2. Yup...some of them are really bad :)

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  3. A mnie się akurat suknie MEryl i Glen podobają :) Ale Whoopi strasznie, to fakt!

  4. I agree with you! Really the worst dressed!

  5. I totally agree, the worst dress is that of Whoopi!!!

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  6. Ha! These are great. I liked Meryl Streep's dress but on all the others I Agree!

  7. love the nudes (:

    xxx Anna
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