CK One Red Edition

2:29 PM

My new discovery CK One Red Edition For Her And For Him. I really love its video, it’s all about being sexy and having fun. 

CK One Red Edition For Her has energizing scent of juicy watermelon combine with floral and velvety musk notes. While CK One Red Edition For Him opens with a juiciness of Asian pear with energetic aldehydes and notes of suede and sensual vetiver.  Personally I really love the one for him and I think to get it for my husband. It smells juicy, sexy and very masculine, simply love it!


Mi nuevo descubrimiento de este mes es el perfume CK One Red Edition For Her y For Him. Como podemos adivinar del video, es una fragancia divertida, energética y muy sexi.  

CK One Red Edition for Her en sus notas de salida  tiene sandía y violeta, que continua con unas nota de corazón florales y termina con las notas de fondo de pachulí, ámbar blanco y almizcle. Intensivo y delicioso. CK One Red Edition for Him se abre con mezcla de pera y aldehídos, después llega a las notas de corazón de gamuza, pimienta negra y jengibre para cerrar la experiencia connotas de fondo de vetiver, haba tonka y almizcle.

Personalmente me enamore en el perfume para él, es muy sensual y masculino. Perfecto regalo para cualquier ocasión!

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  1. their ad reminds me of step up!

  2. Fabulous video!

  3. omg I didn't see this add. It's awesome. So sexy!!!! Sounds like those perfumes are great for the summer

    Have a great weekend,