Running challenge - 1 week

5:00 AM

This time I would love to share with you with somenthing new, changing your life. Few weeks ago I started running challenge with Nike Colombia and I have to say since than I fell stronger, firmer and happier. Nike Colombia invited me to participate in a challenge #RunLonger trying their new running shoes LunarGlide 6. 

LunarGlide 6 caracterize for being increibly soft, light and really resposive. they were created to be used for long distance. In teh other words your feet don't get tired:-)

I never was a big fan of running, but since I've started and I 've seen all the results I'm amazed!!! First of all I was suprised that in my first week I could run 6km!! And than when you see how your body is getting better every day:-) Now I simply loved and I will continue. My final challange is 10 km:-)

Here I share with you photos from my first training. And I dare you to try it!


Esta vez me gustaría compartir algo nuevo, cambio de estilo de vida. Hace una semanas se comunicaron conmigo de Nike Colombia y me propusieron participar en un reto de correr distancias largas. Al principio tenía muchas dudas, pues no es que soy muy deportista:-) Pero finalmente convencida de lograr el reto de correr 10 km empece el programa de entrenamiento.

Parte de programa era probar las nuevas zapatillas LunarGlide 6, creadas especialmente para correr largas distancias. Se caracterizan por ser increíblemente ligeros, contienen una tecnología de amortización y repartir energía.

Aquí os comparto fotos de la primera semana de entrenamiento, cuando logré correr mis primeros 6 km!! Desde allá estoy fascinado con efectos, el cuerpo se hizo más firme y siento mucho más energía. Definitivamente voy a seguir y os invito probar lo mismo! Por ahora voy hacia mis primeros 10k!

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  1. Well done girl!

  2. Cool photos dear, exercise can really improve our mood and make us happy! xo

  3. Oh man I have been meaning to get running but its been so cold and wet. Love your nikes. I spould 'just do it'

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  4. I loved the post, this great, kisses