New sport to burn your calories - Bubble balls

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I always say that life is about having fun and enjoying every moment. For me sport is a part of it, although sometimes I'm a little bit lazy in that subject. That's why I think doing sport with your friends is funnier.

 The thing is that I have already got bored with paintball, tenis and all these team games. But this time I have to share with you one of the coolest sports I have ever seen.

Lately I was watching Shark Tank, TV program where investors meets startups and one of them show the coolest thing ever, which is already very popular around the world. I'm talking about bubble balls and playing in bubble battles. In USA it's so popular that you can find plenty of its associations. 

How it works? You simply put on a giant bubble and bash into your friends. It works more or less like bumper cars, dodgeball and soccer all at once!

It's a cool and really fun way to stay fit and get rid of negative energy. And if you have any doubt, it's absolutely safe. I'm sure once you try it, you’ll be a fan, I am. It so crazy and it even works in water!

There are many types of bubble balls, you can find among them ones for individual use like body zorb ball or inflatable bumper balls, or PVC bubble ball for team play. Your really have to try it with your friends:-)

Did you heard about it?


Hoy quiero compartiros un deporte super divertido que descubri hace poco, se lalma bubble balls y es super divertido.

Lo vi hace poco en Shark Tank, programa de televisión donde los inversores se reúnen con startups y uno de ellos mostró este juego con gigantes pelotas inflables. En EE.UU. ya es muy popular y tiene hasta sus propias asociaciones. 

¿Cómo funciona? Sólo tienes meter en una burbuja gigante y golpear a tus amigos. Funciona más o menos como los coches de choque y el fútbol a la vez! Es una manera muy divertido para mantenerse en forma y deshacerse de la energía negativa.

Que os parece? Lo conocían?

Ph credits: Inflatable Zone

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