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This year a lot of my friends are getting married and all of them have such a different style. That means some wedding parties will be more bohemian, another more princess style and another more minimalist.

Than means I have to get three different bridesmaid dresses and it will be quite complicated for my pocket. I was thinking about many place to buy it. I think I visit around 50 shops to find all three dresses. And some of my favourite were simply to expensive for my budget. 

So I start checking different websites online and I found online shop Amodabridal. There are so many beautiful designs perfect for all kind of parties. For the moment it looks great for me because I found there cheap and best quality bridesmaid dresses from Australia which are on online sale. Such a bargain I will definately get some!

Some of them are really like from movie, like this one below. I loved the color so much.

By the way where do you usually get your dresses for special occasions like this? Share all your ideas with me in the comments.

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