Hair wigs - new beauty trend perfect for carnaval

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Lately we could see in all social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, that a lot of girls change their hair colors trying new tones like purple, silver and many others. I have always wanted to dye my hair in different colours, but I was too scary what happen if I don't like my new color. So finally I've never try something really different. The biggest change was for me blond hair with pink highlights, but it was really delicate.

Another thing is that changing hair so often make really big damage to it, that's why I'm really thinking about this new trend of hair extensions and wings. Recently, I have seen many girls at Instagram using hair wigs in colors like silver and pink, and I think it's a great idea, when you want to make your photos looks unique.

What I love about hair wigs is that you can always change them and your hair will stay beautiful. So if you don't like your new colour you just change it for another. Hair wigs are a great alternative and if you prefer something different you can try hair extensions. Probably you think it's really expensive, but there are online shops where you can get them for really good price, like Cocowig.

Another think which I love about wigs, is that they work perfect for carnaval. This year I was thinking about something cool and different, and I would love to transform me to Halle Berry for one night. So I was happy when I found some short African American wigs and short hairstyle to buy online. I know a little bit crazy, but I think it will be such a fun.

Here some of my inspirations. Which one would you like to try?
Capless 120% Straight Short Synthetic Hair

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  1. I am fashion conscious woman so I have used synthetic lace front wigs more often to get a stylish look.