Tips on how to choose a prom dress

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This time of the year many girls starts thinking about proms, which are just around the corner. I have mine already behind me, but I still remeber how difficult it was to choose a correct dress. Today I want to share with you:

4 tips to choose the ideal prom dress:

1. Start planning to buy your gown around eight to six weeks before your prom. 

Many uk prom dress require some alterations for a perfect fit, so you will need time for all of them. If you don't have time then just shop for a ready-made dress.

2. Decide what design you are looking for. 

Look for some inspirations at Pinterest and try diffrent models just to check what design is the best for you. It's better to do this months before.

3. Start saving the money year earlier. 

When you plan your budget well, you won't feel that you spend a of of money for your ideal dress

4. Where to look for a perfect dresses?

- formal gown shops and wedding shops are a good idea, but normally the price will be quite expensive

- if you have time, check diffrent online shops, like OKdress UK. This kind of shops offers big variety and good quality dresses for lower prices than traditional ones.

- Design you own dress and ask someone to sew it for you, if you have time and you know what you want this is the best option.

- Rent a dress, this is a good option, because you don't have to worry what you will do with your dress after all and   it's usually much more cheaper than buying it.

 - Try vintage shops,  normally this is the cheapest option and you can really find some vintage prom dresses there a real jewel. So give it a try.

Which are your tips

Ph. credits Ok Prom Dresses

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