Top 3 styles on Niv's Bling Online Grillz Collection

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Niv’s Bling has been making Iced out Blings that have been following the latest trend in the hip-hop genre. An up and coming company that caters to the hip-hop culture that is taking the globe by storm. From necklaces, bracelets, and pendants, Grillz down to rings, and to the smallest details in earrings, they have it all.

One of their famous features in their lineup are the Grillz.  Their Grillz have been racking up great reviews because of the high-quality product at the lowest cost possible. They offer great designs which don’t harm the customer’s mouth due to the fact that they do not use any hard metals in their products. The product also provides a good fitting so you will never have to worry about them falling out of your mouth while trying to impress or captivate someone. These three Grillz that are mentioned below are the most sought after by many customers.

1.    .925 Sterling Silver Vampire Dracula Fangz Grillz

Loved by many people, this product, shining with its silver color, is complimented from top to bottom with Cubic Zirconia to give it a cool and smooth glow. It has a very simple design and is made from real Sterling Silver and core plated with premium rhodium. All stones are hand placed to ensure the quality placement that machines cannot provide. With a price of only $30.00, you can get the quality and feel of a real grillz minus the expensive part. Having this grillz by Niv’s Bling, you can come to any party and feel like you own it with just a smile.

2.     18k Gold Micro Pave Rhodium Prong Grillz

This iced out grill is also a favorite that can be found in the Grillz Section in Niv’s Bling shop. A color combination of gold and a hint of silver with clear simulated diamonds make this exquisite. It is made with a brass core, plated with premium 18k gold, and rhodium prongs. It is also iced out with Zirconia to give it a nice shine. With an affordable price of $30.00, it has also become one of the best sellers on Niv’s Bling. No need for you to keep a low key profile because with these grillz you will surely attract attention from both the people and the cameras.

3.    18k Rose Gold Stainless Steel 6 Tooth Grillz

A design good enough for both the ladies and the gentlemen. This product has become a favorite because of its lower price compared to the other grills while still maintaining the class and beauty like the others have. No need for it to be iced out. You can upgrade your swag with the beautiful Rose Gold color that gives off a different, yet exhilarating shine. This Grill has 6 teeth on both the top and the bottom part. It is made of stainless steel and is finished off with pure 18k Rose Gold plating to give off that solid and bright look. With this pair you will surely be emitting the swag much like your favorite hip-hop artists have and be confident and ready to mingle with everybody at the party.

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