5 Stylish Summer Shoes For Those With Wide Feet

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5 Stylish Summer Shoes For Those With Wide Feet

Women love shoes just as much as they love clothes and handbags. More often than not, women usually take more time in choosing the best footwear rather than trying on clothes in the department store. This is because choosing the right pair of shoes also means considering a number of factors—the size, the style, color, the price, and the design—especially for women who have wide feet.

There are designs which best suit this type of foot, and there are others which do not compliment it. A shoe style is much more highlighted if the foot that is wearing it is made for it.
Summertime is the best time to go out and have fun and having the perfect pair of shoes for your getaway will double the excitement.

Here are some stylish summer shoe ideas for women with wide feet.

1. Flats
Probably the most comfortable shoes to wear in every weather is a flat pair. Whether you are going for an outing by the beach or to the mall, the best footwear for walking are flats.
For women with wide feet, the trick is to choose the pair of flats with straps on them. Try checking out cross-strap flats or those with crisscross designs which covers the feet. It will not only hide the wideness of the feet but one’s attention is diverted to its nice design.

2. Sandals
Who would not want having an extra inch of height while still feeling comfortable walking around? Sandals are just right for you, even when you have wide feet. Wear comfortable sandals for a weekend outing or when you just want to walk around the city. Choose those with thick straps which can show a little of your skin without exposing the wideness of the foot. Leather sandals with half an inch size is also recommended, especially when you just want to lounge around the house or go out to the convenience store.

3. Wedges
Wedges can give you towering height without making your feet hurt. This one is perfect for afternoon summer parties by the garden or the poolside. One design you can choose from in an array of wedge options is the one which covers the toe part. Make sure the straps of your wedges are also secured and will not leave a mark on your feet. Do not wear wedges with open toes as it will make the feet look wider.

4. Clogs
Women’s clogs are best to hide the wideness of the feet obviously because it hides almost half the part of your foot. Even better is if you could choose a pair of flat clogs especially during summer. Pair it with a nice dress or a pair of shorts.

5.  Ankle strap heels
Heels will always give us the extra confidence when going out. But women with wide feet need to take some factors into consideration before choosing the right pair. One highly suggested option is to buy a pair of ankle strap heels.
Whatever you choose from these stylish summer shoes, always prioritize comfort over its aesthetic appeal. Have a happy summer!

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