Lirene Dermo Program Algae Pure and cream Rosa Oil - beauty review

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Last view months I was trying new Lirene beauty line Dermo Program Algae Pure: Ultra moisturizing micellar toner and face gel with blue algae to clean my face and nourishing and moisturizing cream Rosa Oil Bio. And today I want to share with you my opinion.

Face gel Dermo Program Algae Pure

Normally I use face gel only in the morning to refresh my skin and for that it worked really good. It cleanses skin of impurities and gives the comfort feeling. I didn't really feel that my skin was more hydrated than normally, but it was really soft. If you are looking for a basic gel to clean your face its really good option. 

Score: 3 of 5

Ultra moisturizing micellar toner Dermo Program Algae Pure

I really this toner. First of all it's quite big and it will last at least 5 months. It's great value for the price. I was using it to remove my make up or simply to refresh and clean my skin from pollution. I have to say it was a little bit complicated to remove strong eye make up and it didn't work for waterproof make up. But I love to use it to refresh my skin and soft sensation. It also smell delicious.

 Its formula not only includes blue algae, but also it's enhanced with microelements of sea salt and glycerin, which helps with moisture loss and soothes irritations.

Score: 4 of 5

Nourishing and moisturizing cream Rosa Oil Bio

This cream really suprise me beacause I was thing that with essential oils it will be quite heavy, but not at all. It's great cream to use at night to nourish and moisturize your skin. Works great in cold weather, so try it at autumn or winter. It helps to restore bright skin.

It contains rose oil from Rosa Mosqueta, which is known for its regenerative and smoothing properties and vitamin C, q powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from premature aging.

From my experience I have to say that my skin feels extremely soft and looks brighter in the morning after using it. I didn't really see anty-aging properties, but I'm still it my thirties. 

I would try it again.

Score: 4 from 5

Credits: Aga's suitcasa

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