The top 5 transportation apps

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Today I would love to talk with you about how I get to move during my travels in foreign city or country. Whether it is for commuting to and from work, rediscovering your city or going on a vacation in another country, many people would still need help at some point, especially with the modes of transportation. Having knowledge about the best transportation services available in an area is a big advantage.

While it would be great to get information from a local about how to go about traveling in a city, the truth is, even people who have lived in a city for many years cannot know everything there is to know about the place. The great thing is that there are many applications nowadays that can help with that. All you need is to download and enjoy the benefits.

Check out the top 5 transportation apps that you can enjoy on your next travel.

1. Citymapper – if you’re looking for an app that will tell you real-time departure information for all modes of transportation in a city, download Citymapper. This app can be used in about 30 cities all over the world, so you need to check first if it can be used where you are at the moment. But if it can be used, you get access to information on everything from bus, train, taxis and even walking and cycling routes.

2. Skyscanner – if you’re a frequent traveler and you are looking for a booking app that is easy to use, then Skyscanner is perfect for you. You get not only an easy interface but you see all the options so you can choose which flights can be cheaper than the original one you are eyeing.

3. Moovit – similar to Citymapper, it also shows information on the modes of transportation available in your city. Although unlike the earlier app, it only lists public transport like buses and trains. But as of last year, it has also partnered with some ridesharing services so you can plan your journey using a combination of public transport and ride sharing services.

4. CityBikes – if you’re looking a cheap way to discover a new city, this app can be used in cities across Europe, Asia and more. You will be notified of the location of bike stations in the cities where they are available. It shows you the location and how to get there, and you can begin your adventure of exploring a new city.

5. Uber – one of the most popular transportation apps is Uber. It is available in about 633 cities all over the world, so travelers have access to a lot of options in the city where they are at. What’s great for users is that if they have just signed up for the first time, they even get free rides and even discounts through a referral system. While for existing users, the number of promos may not be as much, there is still a way to get discounts so that you can enjoy a cheaper ride in the city. If you’re a frequent user of Uber, click here for more promo codes that you can enjoy on your next Uber ride.

And which one is your favourite?

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