4 Qualities to look for in an effective neck cream

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When it comes to skincare, many people, both young and old, forget about an important part of the body – the neck. While many hoard products for the face, they don’t realize that the neck also suffers from aging. You may religiously put on sunscreen on your face and body, only to see your V-zone has suffered from sunburn because you failed to protect it with sunscreen.

As time goes by, the skin’s ability to renew itself also decreases, so it’s important that we do things to make our skin supple. You don’t want to grow old and see your neck sagging or have turkey neck, so you should think of investing in a good neck cream.

There are so many products in the market out there, and not all of them have the right ingredients needed for an effective neck cream. Check out the list below of the things you need to look for when buying your neck cream.

1. It must combat sagging – this is probably the number one concern of people when it comes to their necks. While there is really no defying gravity and it will happen eventually, there is still a way to decrease the aging process. No one wants to have loose skin, especially on the neck. Make sure that your neck cream promises to deliver on skin tightening so that it can prevent turkey neck from happening to your skin. To keep your skin firm, it needs to be hydrated. So check the ingredients to see that it will have a lot of butter, oil and plant extracts.

2. It must have Vitamin C and peptides – as you begin to age, the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin also decreases. The loss of these two will cause the skin to sag, so make sure that the neck cream you will buy will contain these two ingredients to make up the skin’s inability to make enough. With Vitamin C, there will be a boost in the collagen production.

3. Look for one that contains hyaluronic acid – if you are at that point where you can already see fine lines and wrinkles, choose a neck cream with this ingredient. Many dermatologists recognize this ingredient as a way to fill fine lines and wrinkles. They say it works faster than vitamin c, and perfect for those who desire instant results in their anti-aging skin regimen.

4. It must have retinol – retinol has been around for a long time, and would probably top everyone’s list of the best anti-aging ingredient there is in the market. In fact, you should not only look for retinol in your neck cream but in your other skin products as well. Retinol helps make the skin firm, and it also tones the skin so that it will look even.

There are too many products in the market out there, and you might have a hard time choosing which ones will work best for you. To help you, check out this list of neck firming lotions. They are considered the best in the market so you don’t have to go through a lot of products before you find the one that works best for you.

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