5 Tips to selecting the best garment steamer for your home

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Garment steamers today are gaining more popularity than the traditional iron. Because of its convenient features, more and more people have begun to choose garment steamers than traditional irons. 

With garment steamers, you won’t be needing an ironing board which will not just take time in setting-up, it will also consume a significant amount of space in your house. Not only that, but garment steamers are also portable and you won’t have to pay for dry cleaning services for your clothes while going on trips. With that being said, because there are a variety of the models of garment steamers on the market today, we have compiled a list of the best types of products, many of which are available to buy from places like Steamer Land.

1. Kind of fabrics you will use the garment steamer on

Usually, when buying a garment steamer for home-use a small or medium sized garment steamer will be more than enough. These kinds of garment steamer can usually last for 15 minutes of non-stop steaming especially if you are only going to steam lightweight fabrics such as clothes, thin curtains and tabletops. However, if you are planning on streaming heavier fabrics such as bed sheets, comforters, thick curtains and coats then you will have to buy garment steamers with bigger capacity as thick fabrics will definitely demand more steam in order to relieve the wrinkles and freshen them up.

2. Portable steamers

If you are always on the go–going on business trips and vacations for long periods of time, then you definitely must buy a portable steamer. They are easy to store in your luggage and are generally lightweight and can be disassembled for proper storage. Although, if you are frequently traveling abroad, then you might need to look for an additional feature when buying a portable garment steamer. And that is, voltage conversion features. Countries have different default voltages in their plugs, thus, it will be very convenient if your portable garment steamer has dual voltage features or has a add-on converter. And lastly, don’t forget about the adapters.

3. Wattage

Next on the list is the power of the steam from your garment steamer. Most experts recommend on setting 600 watts as the benchmark when choosing garment steamers, if you want heavier steam and faster steaming times, then go for higher wattage. Although, take note that higher wattage will most of the time mean more electricity or battery consumption.

4. The reach of the garment steamer

Most people tend to forget or ignore the reach of the garment steamer until they encounter the reach problem themselves. And by that time, it is already too late. While you can compensate for the reach deficiency with the help of extension wires, why not just add the reach of garment steamer on your checklist when buying one? This way, you won’t have to deal with always looking for an extension wire when doing your steaming.

5. Auto shut-off

A lot of garment steamers get broken because the machine dries up because of all the water is already used up. And users most of the time forget to check if there is still water in the reservoir and just automatically assumes that something is wrong with the garment steamer. Take note that if this happens often, the heating element of your garment steamer will most likely get burned which will significantly affect its performance. If you want avoid these kind of problems, then go for garment steamers that have automatic shutoffs when their machines run dry. This way, you will be able to prevent damages and also know that it is time to refill the steamer.

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