5 Tips to selecting the best wedding ring for your future husband

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Many people would say that during a wedding all eyes are on the bride.  Guests notice everything, from the wedding dress, the hairstyle, the bouquet and even the color of the nail polish. Of course, the engagement and the wedding ring are two of the things that all guests want to look at.

But despite the bride being the center of attention in a wedding, the groom is just as important. More than the suit, it’s the groom’s wedding ring that he will be wearing years after the wedding. That’s why it is important that brides also give special attention to their future husband’s wedding ring.

1.    Start researching and canvassing early on – it’s better to plan early for the details of the wedding and that includes the groom’s ring of course. If you want to be the one to choose the design and pay for the ring yourself, start looking for designs right away. Even after you just got engaged, you can already see what material and design you’d like. Also, by canvassing early, you already have an idea of how much you will be paying for the ring.

2.    Stick to a budget – set a budget for the ring and make sure you stick to it. While your future husband’s ring is an investment, never forget that it’s not the only thing that will cost money in a wedding. If you put spend too much on the ring and go beyond your original budget, you may have to sacrifice some of the details of your wedding.

3.    Choose a ring that matches his personality – many men prefer to wear simple wedding rings, without all the glitz and bling that some women like. The ring you will choose should match your future husband’s taste and personality. Try to look at the jewelry that he owns at the moment and see if you can find something in common with all of them. You can add a little bit of detail to distinguish it from his usual but do not go overboard or your husband might be hesitant to wear it in public if it does not match his taste.

4.    Make sure you get the right size – it’s very important to get professional sizing, if your groom is not sure about his ring size, just take him with you to the jeweler. Most of them will do it for free anyway. If you do not want to bring him to the jeweler then just sneakily get one of his rings so that you can match it with the ring you have chosen.

5.    Ensure that it complements your own ring  - the wedding rings are probably the ultimate couple item you and your future husband will own throughout your whole marriage. You don’t want his ring to be a copycat of yours, but just that it just complements each other. That can be through the material used or maybe the stone that was placed on the ring. The important thing is that when seen together, there will be no doubt that the rings work together.

If you’re looking to see some samples of wedding rings, check out some of these stainless steel mens wedding bands. There are many designs to choose from and you will surely find the perfect one for your groom to wear.

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