4 tips to get the best price for uber

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Ride-sharing programs such as Uber have made waves in the last few years. It has allowed many people, especially those who don’t own a car, to save on travel expenses. It doesn’t only help you save on costs, it also makes your ride convenient and more reliable. But with the demand for these services, there are also some drawbacks such as price surges. To know how you can keep costs down and get the best price for your Uber ride, follow these tips.

4 tips to get the best price for uber:

Right timing. Yes, timing matters in Uber. You can avoid having to pay the surge price by planning your travel time well. The key is not to book a ride during times when it is in high demand. This, of course, depends on what city you are in. Identify the times when Uber is on demand and then, book your ride 10 minutes after when regular pricing has taken effect once again. By waiting for a few minutes, either before or after the demand time, you can get the best price and avoid paying the surge price.
Right car and right service. There are actually several types of Uber service that you can avail. There are also different prices for each. In some cities, however, the services are only limited. Check that you are booking the right car and the right service. The prices are cheaper for the economy rides compared to the premium rides for the same pickup location and destination.
Try UberPool. If you don’t mind sharing a ride with people you’ve never met, try UberPool. It is basically a carpool with people who are going to the same destination as you are. It’s more economical not only for your pocket but also for the environment. This lets you save since you can share the cost of the ride with the other riders in the carpool. This would be a great choice if there were a price surge since you can split it with the other riders. As an added bonus, the more sociable ones will find this an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
Use an uber promotion code. Everybody loves promos. With Uber, you get a voucher if you’re a new rider. You can also get free rides by referring your friends, family, and colleagues to Uber. It would also be a good idea to check Uber’s social media pages for various promotion codes that are sometimes partnered with certain brands. Using promo codes allow you to slash off some amount from the total amount that you have to pay. Make sure that you check the mechanics as well as the validity of the promo code to save on your ride.  
Sharing a ride is one of the many ways that we can positively impact our environment. And when you can save money in the process, it’s even way better. Take advantage of these tips so you can get the best price for your Uber ride. Download the mobile application, visit their social media sites, and cut costs on your transportation today.

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