The Top 5 Beauticians Tips For Anti-Aging

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Maintaining a youthful appearance is everyone's priority list. After you turn 30, the estrogen levels in your body start falling which, in turn, leads to saggy skin. Although you can't completely stop the ageing process, there are things you can do to slow down the inevitable process. 

The best part about skin care is the fact that it is never too late to start your skincare routine. If you are looking for beauty treatments and tips for anti-ageing, you have come to the right place. Here are the top 5 beauticians’ tips for anti-ageing!
Tip 1: Stay out of the sun
Exposure to harmful UV rays expedites the ageing process. Therefore, it is recommended for you to halve your sun exposure. The harmful rays play an atrocious role in damaging elastin and eliminating collagen in the skin, which leads to wrinkles. In addition to that, the rays also roughen the texture and cause discoloration. Hence, it is essential for you to use a sunblock with a sun-protection factor of a minimum 30 when you are out and about.
Tip 2: Follow a healthy morning-night routine
It is not necessary for you to follow a complex skin care routine. During the day, all you need to do is to add UV protection to your routine. And, before you go to bed at night, we would recommend you to remove your makeup, wash your face, cleanse your skin, apply a retinoid and then a moisturizer. It sounds plain and simple, doesn't it?
Tip 3: Benefits of retinoid
Prescription-strength retinoid can be expertly used to repair the ageing process. Retinoid is rich in vitamin-A and has been scientifically proven to aid in the production of collagen. In addition to that, it also helps unclog pores, reduces oil and acne, and stimulates blood vessels. However, you should be warned that starting a retinol skin care routine requires a gradual introduction to the product to prevent irritation.
Tip 4: Apply skin care products that aid in the regeneration of skin
When applying skin care products to your skin, it is advisable for you to use products that help regenerate cells. Of course, no skin care product in the world can help turn back time. However, these products will help slow the ageing process. You can benefit tremendously by exfoliating your skin and using chemical peels and products that help boost the production of collagen.
Tip 5: Focus on what you eat
In addition to paying attention to the products you apply on your skin, it is also essential for you to focus on what you eat. The skin is the body's largest organ and it responds well to a proper diet. Therefore, it is advisable for you to eat foods rich in vitamin D, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Some of these foods can include salmon, olive oil, and ground flaxseed. You must avoid eating processed foods and sugar at all costs.

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