10 things to love about bird tours

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Watching birds can be fun and exciting. It is an outdoor recreational activity which can be enjoyed in any part of the country and can also be done at any time of the year.

Birds may be different from region to region, but the experience is fun all around. You can enjoy many benefits of bird watching by taking a Costa rica bird tour.

If you are considering taking a bird tour, look at these ten reasons why you need to engage in this activity.

1. Adventure

If you are an outdoor person, you will have a good time watching birds. There is a huge number of species of birds to enjoy looking at. Each bird comes in a different color, and they have different behavior. This presents a new way of enjoying the outdoors and gives you a sense of fresh air and being inspired by nature.

2. Alertness

Because birds will appear from nowhere, it teaches a person always to be ready an alert to prepare to capture the image. If you are a bird watcher, you want to take as many photos of the unique species that exist. This will make you not want to miss out on any opportunity to capture the moment and will, in turn, keep you alert and focused.

3. Patient

Bird watching gives you a sense of calm and patience because you have to learn the different species that exist and also learn how they behave. Like mentioned earlier, birds appear out of nowhere. So, you could be seated for hours without seeing any who will require some patience.

4. Meditative

Bird watching presents a way for you to meditate and think about your life and the things you want to accomplish while you are outdoors enjoying the cool breeze and fresh air. This is an excellent way to relax away from the stresses of life.

5. Reflexes

You learn how to do and respond to things faster as a bird watcher. Because you will have studied about birds, you will be able to tell when a bird is coming.

6. Walking

Most times, you will have to walk for long distances to look for specific species of birds. Some birds are found in cliffs and away from regular pathways. Therefore, this walk will be good for your health as a way to exercise both your brain and body.

7. Sense of Belonging

Partaking in outdoor activities can be a one-man activity, or you can do it with other people. You can make friends with the tour guide or with fellow bird watchers. Later on, you can share your experiences with each other which will make you feel like you belong to a community.

8. Deal with Situations Better

When you go out on a bird excursion, you are not sure of what you will find. Other times, there are factors beyond your control which will prevent you from seeing the birds. For example, poor weather conditions can do this. Once this happens, you don’t have an option but to accept and move on. This trait can help you deal with other situations in your life.

9. Increased Muscle Strength

You will always be using your binoculars to see the birds and your camera to take photos. It can become exhausting especially if you have weak arms. You will have to work out to keep them active to enhance your next experience.

10. More Travel

Different birds exist in various parts of the world. If you enjoy bird watching, you will want to travel to other parts of the country to which birds found in that country.

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