The top 5 fashion trends that you don't want to miss in 2018

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2017 was a big year in fashion. So many trends rattled the industry and excited a lot of people worldwide. From trendy rompers, oversized accessories, and puffer jackets, there’s just no saying what will make it to the top. This year is no different, but we’ve got great predictions for you. 2018 may only just begun, but we’re sure to hit a lot of fashion trends that’ll make it big this year. 

Here are the top 5 trends you wouldn’t want to miss this year:

1. Ultra Violet hues
Pantone is a very influential entity when it comes to fashion. Their annual declarations of Color of the Year affects a lot of industries. And when they named Ultra Violet as this year’s color, you know it’s going to mark a new trend. Ultra violet is strong, bold, imaginative, and inventive. This year is going to be filled with shades of purple. And in the fashion world, you can expect no less than the entire hue being paraded in runways. From striking violet overalls to dainty lavender gowns, expect to see a lot of this shade in the zines.

2. Kardashian Fashion
Whatever the Kardashians wear is an instant hit. With millions of followers all over the world, it’s no doubt their choice of clothing drives the fashion industry nuts. Remember when Kim is fond of wearing bodycons? Suddenly a lot of girls worldwide started showing off their curves with these ultra tight dresses. When Kendall made headlines for wearing an incredibly sheer top, the entire world followed suit. And let’s not forget how the Kardashians turned long coats into a fashion statement. You got to thank this family a lot for introducing fun and daring fashion trends to the world.

3. Wearable art
Art-infused clothing pieces will definitely be a big deal this 2018. Versace’s Spring 2018 runway made this apparent. Also, Milan fashion week featured a lot of street style pieces with comic emblazoned collection. When the big names in fashion parade a refreshing collection, you know it’s going to find a place in our closets. Warhol inspired prints and comic book style art is going to be the rave everywhere.

4. Fanny packs
Who knew fanny packs could ever get fashionable? Leave it to top notch celebrities to make a taboo accessory a huge fashion trend. So yes, this 2018, the good old fanny pack is back from the dead and you definitely need to get one before it gets ripped off and marked up to a hundred dollars. These belt bags are surprisingly cool if you know how to mix and match with the right clothing.

5. Vintage florals
Florals will never die. We’ve seen it make waves in different runways. From small patterned prints to large statement icons, flowers are always a sight to behold. It’s not just big on clothing pieces, bags and other accessories are catching up the fever too. This 2018 will be a homage to vintage florals for sure. Dark and saturated foliages will fill bag prints, shirts, skirts and dresses. From robes, to sneakers, and even caps, flowers can definitely fit anywhere you place them.

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