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Mineral Collection is new line from Lirene, one of my favourite polish brands. This time Lirene has created lotions, whose formulas contain active ingredients such as Dead Sea Minerals, sea corals and sea silk. We can find in this line two body cream for normal and dry skin and mist, all created to give us smooth skin. I was trying them last week and here is my opinion.

Lightweight body lotion - Mineral Collection

First thing to say is about packing. All line has really elegant and easy to use sea blue packing, which makes me think about spa.

The formula of the lotion contains sea silk rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins, vitamin E and CalmProtect, which helps to regenerate our skin and gives smoothness. 

This body lotion was created for normal skin. We should use it twice a day like all products from this line. It has really light texture with small capsules of vitamin E, which disappears as soon as we touch our skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving no oily layer.

It helps skin immediately, although the moisturizing effect maintained only couple of hours. I have to say my skin is dry, so I'm sure this product will make wonders at normal skin. I love the scent, which is delicate and refreshing, it makes me think about beach and sun. I think it's great option for summer to apply it couple times a day. 

Multiregenerating body lotion - Mineral Collection

This lotion was created for dry skin like mine. It's rich in Dead Sea minerals with micronutrients like potassium, magnesium or iodine, known for their nutritional properties for thousands of years. 

Texture is a little bit more creamy than in case of light version and also contains vitamin E capsules. Normally I use "plump" size quantity for all body, twice a day. It absorbs really well, although it leaves a protective film on skin to protect us from water loss. Skin feels silky and smooth, not sticky after all.

I would definitely buy it again. the only minus is that you has to use quite a lot for all body, so it doesn't last really long, but on the other hand it's really cheap.

Oil body mist - Mineral Collection

This mist is my favourite product from Mineral Collection. It smell wonderful and intensely nourishe my skin leaving it really soft. It has biphasic formula, so you have to shake it before the use. But it's a perfect solution for people that don't like lotions or look for fast way to have a silky skin.

It's easy to use and gives rapid absorption, leaving no oily layer. It has a delicate scent and  moisturizes very well both normal and dry skin. It last quite long, so it's better than lotion in this case. It's perfect for summer when you want to make your tanned skin looks sexier.

I would definitely buy it again.

Credits: Aga's suitcase

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